July 26th, 2005

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I just bought myself a paid account about a week ago, and I've started trying to figure the component layer out. I don't know what I did, but I want to get rid of ( Link ) and all the icons on the right. How can I do that?

Can I make lj user and community names a different color than all of my links? And can I also make them capitals?

I would also like to get rid of that top bar where it says "r.o.t.t.e.n" and possibly add images in the header behind my date and comment pages...

Thanks to anyone who can help [stupid little] me

(no subject)

I can't seem to find a tutorial for making every entry in a seperate box... The more I scroll down, the thinner my entries get, because they're all in the same box. Also, when I look at my friends page, there doesn't seem to be any "previous entries" link. How can I fix that?

Thank you very much to kunzite1 for helping me before =) You gave me the HTML for changing the lj user and community links to capitals and black, but for some reason they're only capitals. I tried "color: #000000;" , "color: black;" and "color: 000000;" , but none of them worked...