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How do you change the font color for the component headers?
Title your entry, please. Thanks!

I've seen people with the componet style over at GreatestJournal, I was wondering if anyone knew how they do that since it is not listed in the S2 over there?

Hi. I'm trying to understand what is the source for colored scrollbars & where in the layer do I insert the code?

Thanks :)
I noticed in one of the other S2 layouts, there's a space that lists all the entry tags in the sidebar. Is there a way to add that list to a component?
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Is there a way I can get the background of my links list to be white like the background in my tags list?

Link here.
On my component sidebar I have the last 10 entries listed. I cannot figure out how to center them though. Everything else on my sidebars are centered, it looks weird.

Can anyone help me with the code, please?

Solved! Thank you devianc!
Hi guys, how do you tweak the codes so that the tags come under the Moods and Music? I couldn't find that in the tutorials... thanks :)
Title your entry, please. Thanks!
Sorry for bothering you all, but I'm a newbie, so I've kind of got the right to, right? =D

Anyway - I inserted the code for the custom title bar comps and got rid of most of it. I probably got rid of too much, or not enough, because my title bar disappeared, but my entries shifted to below my sidebar. Hrm. What exactly do I get rid of to get that iffy title bar away?

Thank you!