July 29th, 2005

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Header AND Background

Hi, I just bought a paid account 2 days ago, and i've been following all most of the tutorials on here and my journal has turned out pretty good. But i have one problem. I want my journal to have my header and a repeating background, much like the way _brokeandfamous looks. I checked on the tuts for this, but i couldn't figure it out.

Help me please, this is driving me crazy!!

Centering Links Component

I have successfully found a way to center the contents of all my side components with the exception of the Links Component.

I thought there might be some class that the link component used independent of anything else so I could just edit the css, but I didn't see anything. Without creating a css property as dramatic as:
td {text-align: center}

can someone advise me on how to implement this into my journal?

Appreciate it.

- Matthew

I'm LJ-Stupid

Well, not completely. I've got custom components. Here's my problem: I want them on either side (both, actually). I checked the tutorial here, but I got really confused. :(

Anyone able to give me a clue how to combine my custom components and have them on either side?

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We now know the terrible truth: kunzite1 isn't our glorious leader. He's only a quarter of our glorious leadership. He lied to us during all this time! Revolution, my friends!

Sorry for the OT post. Should I delete it?

P.S. Look at the info page.
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