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OK, I just started adding basic css definitions to my journal so I can do stuff like table class="quote" etc, since I am a very lazy typist and I know lots of html and so I know these shortcuts exist. And, :: jumps up and down :: I got them working! Well kinda sorta. It turns out that for my friends, when they see my entries on their friend pages, my css of course is not in their layout and therefore not defined and therefore not nearly as spiff looking as I want. And I can't think of any good reason LJ would set things up so that someone else's css def'ns would be imported into a given user's view (can you say security risk) ... or am I wrong?

Note, this isn't MY friends page, I know I could just do something with function FriendsPage::print_custom_head() if that were the issue. And I do note that most if not all of my pages seem to be inheriting the css anyway.

Do I gotta convince all my friends to copy my css code in their styles so they can see it?? :: oh the humanity ::
Title your entry, please. Thanks!
Can somebody tell me the
name for the border around the subject in the overrides, like
the other codes?
I have set my layout such that the icon attached to each journal entry and the icon attached to each comment in my journal is a link through to the pageview for all of that users icons or avatars.

My question is this: for the comments icons a title="xxx" addition to the link definition to show the keyword-title the user gave to that icon (metadata) works fine (function EntryPage::print_comment), but adding the same title="xxx" to the link definition for the entry view seems to have no effect (function print_entry{ })? What am I missing? Does this make any sense?
I would like to change the edit , tags, memory images and also if possible the delete, screen , unscreen etc pics into words.
Any suggestions ? thanks :)
A huge thanks to everyone involved in component_help, especially to kunzite1 and his amazing tutorials.

Finally, after almost 2 years, my live journal looks much much closer to how I wanted it to look since I started it.