August 2nd, 2005

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sorta OT -- pictures in components

I finnaly got my layout together. BUT im having one problem.. How do I get the small 50 x 50 thumbnail pictures... Where do I find them. && Do I have to use a program to resize them. Sorry If this is already in a tutorial or somewhere around here, but I checked a million times & still no luck. Also I wanted to take you guys for all your codes & help. YOU ROCK

Fixing the problem with '+' character in tag URLs; repost of free text tag component code

The problem is cause by LiveJournal mangling the tag.url property. You can bypass this by constructing your own URL to reference tags:

var string url_base = $p.journal->base_url() + "/tag/";

Note that depending on where you are in the code, you may not have to reference $p (which assumes you are in the free text component and have been passed the page context via the $p variable) but something else (see Kunzite1's post on tags for another example).

You then combine the url_base with the tag name to make the complete url:

<a href="$url_base$">$</a>

Where $t refers to a variable of type TagDetail. Since the "name" property of the tag preserves the spaces, there is no problem with the URL.

Remember that there are different ways of displaying tags. You can display them in entries, in a free text component, in a sidebar and as part of the new "tag page". Each one has its value, and you can use more than one!

I will post the free text component version again here to reduce email to the innocent user in the other post ;)

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Hi!! *waves*

Ok, first, I absolutely adore this community! I've been lurking about for a while and the tutorials here are just awesome. I'm a complete idiot when it comes to html, layers, css, etc., etc., but these actually made sense to me. *gasp*

Second, I've got a couple of question that are probably completely stupid, but I cannot find the answers to.

1. How do you shrink the component headers?

2. How do you place an image or texture into the main entry box where your text is?

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I attempted the second one by tweaking around with the stylesheet but basically got myself nowhere... Any suggestions?