August 7th, 2005


small issue...

Everything in my layout and code is correct, but for some reason my background image isn't showing up, it's just showing the two-color striped default background (it's yellow and cream on my current layout). Basically my question is, do I need to put something additional in with all the junk before the body tag in order for the background image to show instead of the lines... if not, then do you see some issue in my code that I'm not catching? As far as I can see it should be working, unless I'm blind. Hehe.

Here is what my stuff looks like right now:

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Trying to get the hang of coding Component (S2)

Obligatory disclaimer - yes, I have spent the last several hours reading the tutorials. In that time I've managed to create user and theme layers, activate a style using them, and start coding those layers by pulling down the code created using the wizard.

My test journal is at

The style and layers is question are style ID #5642, user layer ID #6632 ( ), and theme layer ID #6633 ( )(which have been made visible for your convenience).

But quite obviously I'm missing a connection regarding modifying stylesheets (specifically in regards to print_custom_head and the spiffy date format).

*edit* Yes!!! Thank you thank you sir_brettley - you totally helped me out by figuring out how to pull out that part of the code *smile*

I'll fix up the colors and font sizes and such tomorrow.


-the redhead-