August 11th, 2005

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Seems like all of a sudden (last afternoon continuing to this morning) I can't compile my layer. I'm not getting an error; what I'm getting is utter indifference. I paste the latest source into the compile window, hit the "compile" button and it ponders a while. Eventually the browser at the bottom says "Done" but there's nothing at the top of the entry box -- up until now, I would either get the error message or a short message along the lines of No Errors Found, or something like that. In any case, there was always text above the compile button and box. Now, I'm not getting any text at all. Did I blow the compiler's mind? Is something down? Am I hallucinating? What?

Seems if I go back the long way through User Info, Manage Accounts, Advanced Customizations, it works again, though as far as I can tell, this url is the same as the book marked one <erp?>


Skin question.

I have been talking to kunzite1 who is SO HELPFUL, thank you! I'm trying to attach the sticky skin code to: ReplyPage::print_body() but I don't know how to define it in my layer. Is anyone working on ReplyPage::print_body()?? Any help would be great, thank you so much in advance.

Edited to add: The skins seem to revert to the default when you pick a tag as well. Any help would be great with that also! :)
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replacing comp headers w/ seperate images

ok, i know how to edit the stylesheet to change the bg of the component headers, but i designed discrete images for my component headers that i'd like to use.  i replaced the print component_header() with the square comps code, substituting my own images for the $content, but it leaves a lot of bg space around the image.  i can't figure out what part of the code to edit to remove that blank space.  any ideas?