August 12th, 2005



In my layout I used the shrinking and centering tutorial and the spiffy date tutorial. But they seem to clash and I don't know how to fix it. The shrinking and centering works by itself when I don't have the spiffy date coding added, but when I do add it - my layout acts as if I didn't do the shrinking and centering. Is there part of the spiffy date I can change in order to coincide with the shrinking and centering coding. I have it set at 700px...I hope this makes sense.
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OK, in a last ditch effort to get rid of the profile in the componets, I redefined print_profile to have a null body. Probably not the best solution. I've got a funky little doodad at the top, so obviously something else, like print_my_components, is making certain *assumptions*... ? And I'm guessing this is responsible for the "About.." component which again appears out of now where despite listing only the components I wanted ;-)

So do I need to redefine print_my_components (and if so where is it??) or is something else going on?

Stupid about box... who's starting that one up?

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Could I get the code that links your default user pic to all of your other icons? I've tried various codes from other places and something always messes something else up!

Also, I'd like to have the extra component above your entries like this community's layout has. Where you guys have the "This community is for the S2 style, Component. This is a paid account style only, and is also closed-source, so the customization is limited to what we can figure out for ourselves."

Thanks! :)
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Back again...

Pardon my stupidity, but...

Is there a way to change the font color for the Random Quote Component?



Well, apparently what I was trying to do before that didn't work because of one stupid period that found it's way in that I didn't works...*bangs head on desk*