August 18th, 2005


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I know this has probably been asked before and it's going to cause a few eye-rolls from those who know what they're doing but despite hunting through the tutorials I haven't found what I'm looking for. Half the reason is because I don't know what it is that what I'm looking for is *called* exactly.

I'm wondering how to set up a component layout so that the entries are aligned underneath a header but that the components start equal with the top of the header and list down the side. Right now my components and entries all line up underneath my header. Can someone be kind enough to point me in the direction of a tutorial that might help?

Thanks in advance!
Dear Diary...

print comment top/bottom functions?

Does anybody happen to have the function snippets of code for the following:


AND/OR, does anybody know how to eliminate the "print header" function for that part, yet still have the header contents displayed? (IE: "Thread started by: somebody" or "Comment by: somebodyelse")

  print_entry_header((size $comment.replies >0?$thread_prefix:$comment_prefix)+(defined $comment.poster?$$anonymous_title));
print_comment_top(); }

If you look at the comments on my page, due to the custom header, the rest of the comment box is just a tad too wide, and I'd like to fix it so it's aligned. It's making my OCD go crazy. heh...what an oxymoron. xoD

Thanks in advance!