August 27th, 2005

  • xokisha

* error page.

I've done this tutorial..
but it puts my info on the right side, how would i manipulate the error page to look the same as my layout instead of it shifting my nav menu to the right? thanks in advance

Also is there a way to shrink the components on both sides? when i try the component on both sides tutorial it makes the whole page wide, is there a way to set it to a certain width?

width of components

hey there i became a paid member last night [8.26.05] and i've been playing with this layout and i was wondering if anyone had any codes for making the width of the sidebar components smaller.
thanks in advance,
  • softpaw

custom Fav-icon

I am trying to help a friend turlock add a custom fav-icon to his Component style. We can get it to work, kinda. The problem is to get it to work, the custom style I tweaked doesn't have the top Component bar, which he wants. I had tweaked the coding for beauty_beast to get it to work for his.

I've tried adjusting the coding given here but it didn't work.

I had used the tutorial here Originally to change beauty_beast and added <link href="" rel="SHORTCUT ICON"> after the <title>$title</title> and that got a custom Fav-icon to show up in beauty_beast.

Can anyone tell me how to do this only KEEP the top Component bar with links?
taylor / gorgeous hair

Entry font size and component font size

Really simple question that I'm probably just overlooking the answer to, but when you customize your Component layout using the customization page's edit customizations feature (smack me if I use the word customize one more time...), the entry font size is a wee bit larger than the font size in the components. I wouldn't mind except the fact that when I have it set on Arial, small, the component's font size doesn't bold (I know, I know, *weep*).

So! The question is: how do you get the entry font size and component font size to be the same?
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