August 30th, 2005

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I've finally almost completed my layout, but I've been having trouble with the scrollbar. I insert the code & compile, I get no error message but my scrollbar stays the same. The only explanation I could think of is that I keep entering the code in the wrong spot, so I wanted to know where exactly am I supposed to enter the code I suppose?

tutorials check

go thru the tutorials.
which ones are confusing?

try to understand what's going on. if you can't, report here with a link to it and what confused you and we'll discuss what to change.

we all know that i suck at communication and explaining things, so let's make it easier.

edit: been going thru old comment emails, found this, and added it as "Flat" Components.
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A squared components question...

alright I used the entry(it was VERY helpful btw<3) on squared components to code my journal, but im having two problems.

First, for some reason im still seeing the rounded 'header'(?) I guess from the normal components on the top of my journal.
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Secondly, I have no date. someone gave me the coding to edit the date but no matter where i put it, it just doesnt take...
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some help will really be appreciated<3

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I am trying to change my date stamp and used the Spiffy date format tut. I am reasonably sure that I followed it correctly, but my date shows up as three lines, justified left and all the same size and font. Can someone help? My style is 16249, my s2id # is 5030072 and my user layer # is 4982523.

Thanks in advance
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Default community icons on flist

I'm using an override by frenchie_icons that I've edited quite a bit, and since I've added it, when users post in communities and the post shows up on my flist, the user icon for the community is displayed instead of the poster's icon, and it's bugging me a lot, for reasons beyond me. I've looked at both the theme and user codes, and I'm pretty sure it's somewhere in the theme layer, but I can't figure it out for the life of me. I've looked through s2howto and this community's memories and have found nothing. Does anyone know how to change it back to showing all personal icons?

Here are the two files for the theme and user layers if you want to take a look (this is for my personal journal - squibblyicecube): theme and user.

Thanks. :)
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