September 10th, 2005

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Moving the edit/memories/tag icons

A question for the component layout wizards out there:
How can I move the edit/memories/tags icons from the left hand side to the bottom of an entry? Like it is here at component_help?
Looked all over the tutorials but couldn't find a fitting one and the titles also didn't seem to give me any clues :s
Thanks in advance :)
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hey kunzite1!

hey kunzite1, i need some help but it doesn't have anything to do with component. i tried asking it in s2styles but no one answered.

i made my own layout in another account [non-paid] in generator S1 then copied it over into my main account's [paid] generator S1 and the header image and sidebar are not showing up. is there something different because i have a paid account or because i have custom layers on the main account? hope you can help thanks.