September 11th, 2005

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a couple of questions...

1. how do i get my date. to fill the whole header. .. i think i might have to move the lock down.
and.. how do i change the style of the date... (in the spiffy date change)

2. how do i get the borders of my components to be a different color..

3. how can i change the entry font && header.. i want to change the size to 8pt ..

4. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH, you guys are so helpful and my layout wouldnt be possible without all of your help.

thank you
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to kunzite1 RE: * print linkbar.

i'm having a slight problem with my linkbar, i use my own images but it seems they have no space between them, they are just stuck together, you can view it here ( look on the right side ) & also i'd like to know if there is any raw code to print the linkbar where i can edit all the icons that the default linkbar provides & make them my own images, did that make sense? i hope so!

component boxes are AWOL... only to reappear at bottom all stretched


First things first:

THEME id: 5119314
USER id: 2750215
REALTIME view: stupid_thing

I did post here awhile ago, and someone suggested I re-code. So I did. And I still got the same problem. Perhaps I am coding for IE as opposed to Fx, but I thought only CSS had to be changed, sorta? Anyway, I've the same problem, roughly, but Ive also tiny images to show what I mean.

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I need help please

I've looked and looked to try to figure out how to solve this, but can't figure it out for the life of me. My first question is probably easy: How do I move my component boxes to the left side of my journal?

Second question: I can't figure out how to change the colors on my "reply page" where people reply to my posts. I tried to change the color scheme to black/grey/white and had to change it back because you couldn't read the font on the reply page. Any help would be appreciated.

Flat components, unrounding the nav box and changing privacy img's

Second time here in one day. This time, I just have a question, not a problem. I use square components, so if I use the making flat components tutorial, do I need to use ALL of the coding listed, or just the coding for square components?

Also... can I make the navigation little rounded box un-rounded? Square, rather?


Ive made images that Id rather use instead of the ugly lock and eye for friends only and private posts... where can I change those to what I made?
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