September 14th, 2005

christian bale: wall

square help?

This question may have already been asked, but I checked the first few back pages and I found nothing of the sort. There was a recent entry, though, that's similar to my question but pertains to something different.

So, I checked the squaring tutorial and completely lost my mind because I am lousy at following directions and am seriously coding-deficient.

Now, my question: All I'm to do is copy that entire tutorial and paste it into a theme-layer? I did try it (because I am stupid like that) and all I got was compile errors. I have a strong feeling that I was supposed to do something first, but I don't know what. That, or I'm dumber than I thought.

Second, assuming that all I had to do was copy & paste, why is some of the text green? Does that have a purpose?

Finally -- and this is just a plea -- please help. I swear I tried figuring this out for weeks now but have failed fabulously in all aspects.

Thank you.

S&C w/Rounded Nav Bar - One minor problem (but otherwise success!)

Yay! After some user error, I managed to alter my LJ layout with the Shrinking & Centering with Rounded Nav Bar tutorial (Which thankfully I'd saved to my own memories, as I couldn't find it in the tutorials. Has it not been added yet?). Please look at my page and tell me what you think.

The only problem is that the color for "Previous" and "Next" didn't change in the nav bar. Does anyone have a solution? My layer code is here.
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