September 19th, 2005

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Tags List & Redirector

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This will add a component with a dropdown box containing tags on all of the entries a viewer has access to on your journal with the ability to select a tag and view all entries tagged with it.
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A Warning: If you have a lot of tags on your journal, this component can sometimes cause LJ to have trouble displaying your journal style because the code will die if it takes too long to run. Usually a page refresh will remedy the situation. Just be aware.

A couple of questions...

I have been playing with the layout of my LJ and would like to do the following, please. Any help would be so appreciated!

Question 1 - Solved! :) I would like to move the sidebar down so it's even with the entries. I'm not using shrink & center, just the regular layout, with the square components tutorial. I tried moving it with .CSS, but it shifts the entire journal down as well.

Question 2 - Solved! :) Where would I put the following code to have it appear in the title bar of the browser? I had it in the code with the shrink and center and double components, but I'm not using that now and I'm stumped where to put it.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="$p.stylesheet_url" type="text/css"/>

<title>Girlie Blog -- Chock full of girlie things!</title>


Thanks everyone for their help! :)
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xtomxfallsx thank you for taking time in helping me out with the custom title bar tutorial before... I did exactly as you told me, on my test journal [here], but absolutely nothing has changed. I'm guessing it has something to do with there being a function print_my_entries(Page p, string title) in the square components tutorial as well? I have absolutely no clue where to go from here... Sorry =(

Thanks for helping - if you don't mind
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Friends-Only Component?

Is it possible to have a component visible only to friends? I know there's a way to have a component only visible to the owner, or depending on if the viewer is logged in or not, but what about friends? For example, only my flist can text message me, so why have everyone see that component? I dunno, I'm playing with my components and was just wondering. :) Thanks.
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