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takes in livejournal siteroot, livejournal username, friend filter name, and redirects to the patched together url.
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Title your entry, please. Thanks!
I was just granted invitation to the BEST COMMUNITY EVER(besides c_h):

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I kinda forgot the code that was applied to my layout when it had 3D component-headers ^^; Can someone please tell me the code that will revert my flat component-header layout back to 3D form? Please?
Hey Kunzite, I used that nifty tutorial that you posted today. I just have 2 things that I need fixed.

1) the big gap on the bottom
2) can it be centered?

you can view my test journal here
do NOT link to offsite files for your layers.
make the layers on the livejournal servers source_viewable, and then provide the layerid numbers.

we need to see exactly how each layer is interacting with each other.

a style is composed of many layers. the core layer, a core internationalization layer (optional), a layout layer, a layout internationalization layer (optional), a user layer (optional), and a theme layer (optional).

each layer can affect another based on the hierarchy of layers. we need to see them all.
I want testing out something using a Boxer layer just a few minutes ago, and now when I switched back to component my old layers don't work. They're still there, everything is the same, but they're not working. For some reason, all my customizations for every layout theme have not been showing up (details here).

The two component layers: theme and user

Does anyone know what's wrong?