September 25th, 2005

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No nav bar

Can anyone tell me why my nav bar doesn't show up at the top, even if I have the option to have it there is turned on? The layer ID is 700606. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
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` control panel/login box component.

Being that this entry was posted in January of 2004 and I've seen no new modifications i thought i'd ask this question.

Is there any way to use the control panel component without the login box showing if i'm not logged in? ie: being able to see my control panel even if NOT logged in.

kunzite1 has helped me..thanks!

Entry thingy...

using the Customize Entries (k1) tutorial, I ended up with my userpics in the entry-holder sec of my journal. I would really like to move it back into the entry with journal/poster names centered and userpics linking to poster's pic gallery on my friends page.

If anyone can spare any aiding tidbits, please do ^^
stop bush.

(no subject)

I have my own custom-made component S2 style, but would anybody mind please explaining to me how to add background music? The FAQ's say to adapt the S1 tags, but I don't know how to do that.
Thanks so much in advance =)
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