October 11th, 2005

madonna // torse


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I've spent the last 3 and a half hours hacking, trying to get my comments links, edit link, and memory links all to one side, with the permalink on the other side. And I did that. Now I'm trying to get my metadata in a box, mood icon to the left and the mood and music text on the right. I'm close, but not quite.

I tried to draw a picture to show what I'm going for. How can I get it looking something like this?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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I apologize for asking this basic question; I looked in the stylesheet tutorials, and did a search, but since I don't know the name of what I'm looking for, I didn't have any luck.

As you can see, I have palimg textures applied in my journal, except to the title bars. What is the name of that style/property (i.e., equivalent to .compBg or .entryHolderBg) so I can add a texture to that part as well?

Thanks bunches.