October 15th, 2005

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your glorious leader speaks

ok. so. apparently some shit went down yesterday afternoon.

poodles_m, in her normal nature, commented on a comment that i left for another user, requesting help with her component layout. i've learned to expect this from time to time and go ahead and fulfill her request to the best of my ability.

she commented here and i replied stating that she should make a top-level post about this new idea.

i commented to let you guys know that i did in fact approve this.

xtomxfallsx came in and commented. it started quite a stir.

i came in later and commented. i restated how i saw his comment and attempted to calm poodles_m down. apparently no one saw my comments to the post.

so. here's how i read xtomxfallsx' comment:
hey, having a square navbar would be spiffy cuz i'd like to have one as well.
it's cool that you'd rather figure it out yourself. as long as you mean "to try it by yourself and then ask for help" and not "post to c-h and ask how thisguythatgirl did it."

some of you may disagree. if you do, let me know. some users already have. comments to this post will be publicly viewable. state how you feel about the situation.

the succeeding comments to the entry were definitely not kind-hearted. but they were made in defense to the initial response and continued to escalate.

oh. and screw the cut tag for this post because you all need to read it.

input is appreciated.

and on that note, it's bedtime for kunzite1.

edit at 2005-10-15 @ 16:15:00 UTC: collecting feedback. going out for the day. will comment on ones that i need to. am reading all of them. etc etc. shower time.
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Ok so i personalized my smilies etc with this layout and went to see if it worked and now it's showing my comments in a free account format rather than in my style.. here is my layout here is my comments page; can anyone help me out with this? here's my layer.