October 16th, 2005

  • immorak

Login component above Page Summary?

Is it possible to get my Login Component above the Page Summary component?
I know that the Login Component is seen as a 'Free Text Component' but when I switch the order of my components all of the Free Text Components go to the top of the list and the Page Summary component goes to the bottom.

Any ideas?
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Photo Gallery??

I'm a paid member & use the photo gallery provided.

My dumb question is...I can't figure out how to change the gallery. When I change the style/colors, it only changes the main page, and not the actual gallery pages.

This IS off topic, so I'll understand if it needs to be deleted. However, Opal & Component are the only two styles I'm really familiar with, so I'm not sure if maybe I'm looking in the wrong place or WHAT, and maybe we CAN use these styles in the gallery or not?

I'd appreciate any help, or if anyone can at least tell me if I can use one of the above styles!

Thank you!!
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Thanks to the search box in this community, I was able to track down this post that tells what the properties do. Because of that post, I now have a fixed background and just the foreground of my journal scrolls!

This community just rocks!

EDIT: That's weird, now the borders around user pics are back. Looks like I'll have to take that out for now until I figure it out. (too tired tonight). Oh well, at least I learned a new trick. Probably just stuck it in the wrong spot is all.

EDIT 2: No, that didn't fix it either. What the heck? I guess I'll poke at it tomorrow and see what happened to my layout.
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