October 22nd, 2005

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Components on both sides

I'm trying to use the tutorial to put components on both sides. (Please keep in mind this lj is still work in process.) I keep getting errors. I have used the tutorial here but I think my problem is in combining too many tutorials together. I used the tutorial here to add the control panel previously. I am thinking the problem and errors may be coming from not being able to use print_comp_header/print_comp_footer. How do I change the control panel to make it work? (Not saying this is the only thing that may be causing the problems)

To be more specific... what I am trying to accomplish is similiar to ggdsbuckeye's layout. With the exception of a graphic above the entries rather than the text box

Perhaps the entire thing needs re-written, I am not sure. I have just begun S2 experiments this past week.

Thank you for your help!
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Crossposted For Help

Hello. I don't like to drop in unannounced and if I could get my head around the S2 system I promise I'd not bother you but I foolishly started a redesign of my journal before realised how far removed from S1 and HTML S2 was. I posted a request for help over at lj_style [see: here] and Kunzite1 said you might be able to help.

Essentially I'm trying to customise or, in some way redo a style, to turn it into this design. I based it on Component as it seemed to do everything I was looking for but, like I say, I designed it before I realised how fiddly it might get.

Any help anyone might be able to offer would be good. It'd be shame to have to go back to S1 and lose all the extras. Thanks in advance.
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