November 1st, 2005

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Component Comments in Local Time.

This is assuming you know what you're doing. I'm sure someone else can come along and make a simpler tutorial, but this will get it done. Sorry. Anyway, LiveJournal has implemented local time. If your timezone is set in your userinfo, it'll show comments in your timezone in all styles that support it. In order to make Component support it, you have to be using the comment headers override.

Simply replace:
print $comment.time->date_format("long")+" - "+$comment.time->time_format();
print $comment->time_display();

You can also use any date format you wish, thus:
print $comment->time_display("%%day%%, %%month%% %%dayord%%, %%yyyy%%", "%%hh%%:%%min%% %%A%%M");
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My tags don't show up in posts

How can I make it so that my tags are viewable in my posts? I thought that as soon as you created tags and assigned them, that they would magically appear in entries but they don't :(

I hope I didn't overlook this, as I went through and searched the tutorials and only found ones on how to customize the tags page, tags in the sidebar/component, and drop down tags, but nothing that I could figure applied to what I'm trying to do. If anyone can point me in the right direction so I can teach myself how to do this, I'd be eternally grateful.

Thanks in advance!

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OK, here's the thing. I used to have my layout as I wanted it (shrinked, centered, squared components, no header, image at the top, etc.) My codes where a mess, though, and I wasn't able to add the new stuff I want for it (smilies in comments, custom size of the comments, etc.) I've decided to start from scratch, but it has been so long since I customized my layout that I am all confused now with the tutorials. So, I have some questions.

EDIT: In addition, if it makes your and my life easier, here's my old layer. Maybe anyone can tell me what I don't need and should take out?

1) I've added the code to shrink and center. I was using the one to also make the squared components, but I can't seem to find how I can get rid of the header. So, how can I take out the header and add a banner at the top of my layout using the squared components? (I only want the components on one side)

2) The style sheet. Now that I cleaned everything up, I found that even though my style sheet was working, I wasn't placing it in the correct place. Where exactly does the style sheet go? Does it stay in the same place even when you add new codes? Or do you have to move it elsewhere?

3) Right now my journal is a mess as you can see, but once I fix it I want to make bigger spaces between the components and add a 4px border to everything to match it with my top banner. How can I do this?

Thanks. I know some are really basic questions, but somehow I am more confused now than I was when I first customized it all. ;P