November 5th, 2005


a couple new rules

gentle_dream gave a suggestion for clarification. or something.

Edit your original post for progress on that one topic. If a new topic comes up in the comments, you may post again with the new topic. Do not strikeout your post. When a question has been answered, insert a note saying so, and place it that segment behind an lj-cut with the text of "Solved."

so. when a question has been answered, put "Solved" before it and place it behind a cut (if it isn't already with the cut text of "Solved"). you may even wish to indicate which comment it was solved in by providing a link. or if you found the answer somewhere else, link to it.

cookiegirlie adds: Or post a thank you to the person that posted your answer. Let the reader find the post if they wish.


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2. question two?
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4. question five?
or. if the whole thing is under a cut, do something like:

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Poll - Tutorial Rewrite

It seems to be a problem that many tutorials are hard to understand, because they're written in CoderGeek.  I've volunteered to rewrite some of them to make it easier for non-native English speakers and anyone else who's struggling with the programming language.  So, which ones should be rewritten first?  Keep in mind that the old tutorials will still exist, and all credit be given to the original author.  I'll just be adding extra explanation and reorganization.

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