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i need help. im doing my sqaure component layout & it keeps saying that somethings wrong with "print_comp_header ("$k1CPloggedInTitle");" help?
How can I put it so that when you click on my info it brings you to the normal info page instead of the &mode=full
I wanna keep my header and I wanna have a tiled background in the back as well. What are the codes so I can do that? =)
well I put my new overrides up, and when I went to Edit Customazation so that I could change the colors it said Layer belongs to another user., can anybody tell me why it says that, I have been trying for the past hour or so, but it still says that.

thanks and
sorry if this is a stupid question, I just have no idea why it says that, its never said that I have used compnent before.