November 24th, 2005

  • albur

Profile component...

Hi there.

I don't suppose anyone can tell me just why exactly my personal icon in my profile component is clinging to the top line of the component itself?

For the life of me I can't think what has happened...
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(no subject)

i hope this isnt a dumb question

Someone sent me a folder with codes for a layout
& also another folder  titled "theme"
Inside the folder is codes also
but i dont know where to put them.
I put in the regualur codes & the layout came out fine
but someone told me i need the theme
im really confused...

so my questions is where do i put the theme?

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Since it`s Thanksgiving, and almost Christmas time. i think we should all concider donateing a little money to our glorious leader kunzite1! he`s always here to help whenever we need it, and one of the nicest people on LJ. i just figured it would be a nice time to be nice back and give something also. :)