November 28th, 2005

In Need Of Help With Various Tweaks

I'm probably a level four moron, so please bear with me...

I looked around through the tutorials and went as far back in the entries as I could and didn't really see anything that could help me. In case reference is needed my LJ is here (or you could just click on my username next to the shiny icon--whichever suits you).

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Any help at all would be muchly appreciated.
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A little help

I was trying to create a style and it said that "You have reached your maximum number of styles." I have a paid account. I even deleted one of the things on that list but it still gave me the same message. I checked the FAQs and the FAQs of other help sites and couldn't find anything there. Can someone help me with this? Thanks a lot!
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theme layers not compiling

Is anyone else having trouble getting their Conponent or kunponent1 theme layers to compile? I haven't changed anything, but when I hit "Save and Compile", they just load and load and the page eventually times out. When I went to change a picture link, that's all I get is an eventual time-out. Yet when I try this for theme layers for other layouts, I have no problem--I hit "Save and Compile", and it works within seconds.

Edit: Thank you, kunzite1!