December 2nd, 2005

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changing date/time header to bold

ETA: fixed!!

i know how to change the date/time so that each new day, the top entry has a bolded date/time header, but i'd like to make each of the dates bold.

here's how it looks with the bolded header (for each new day) on the top entry of the page:

$entry_header = $entry_header + ($e.new_day ? "< b >" : "");
$entry_header = $entry_header + $e.time->date_format("long_day");
$entry_header = $entry_header + ($e.new_day ? "< /b >" : "");
$entry_header = $entry_header + " @ ";
$entry_header = $entry_header + $e.time->time_format("short");

(minus the spaces around the "b")

so how would i change it so each entry has a bolded date? i'm sure it's really simple, but i can't think very well today.

thanks in advance!
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Moving my header image

I have a titlebar header image, and I want to add a seasonal header image below that, however, right now it has landed above my titlebar image. How can I move it to land between my titlebar and my entries? Do I need to insert a separate piece of code somewhere else (that's what I'm guessing)? And if so, where should I put it? My theme layer is # 5137932. Thanks in advance!

Edit: I figured out a way to put it into my header below my other image, so that will work. I'm only keeping it up until Christmas, anyway, so I'm not too picky about it. Thanks for the suggestions!
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Sorry if this has been asked before


Thank you kunzite1!!! *Bows down to*

(And thank you cookiegirlie for pitching in too.)


I was wondering how I might be able to change the date/time so it looks exactly like agent182's date/time format.

I'm not sure how to do this in componant and when I typed in
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it didn't seem to work.

I don't know what I've done wrong and was hoping someone could help me...

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Thank you for your help! I appriciate it!
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