December 8th, 2005

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Random userpics.

Hi, First I will thank you for the tutorials, with a little patience, I understand all of them, and I became the layer I want. Thanks.
I have just one big problem!!! I try to have Random Userpics, but, it doesn't work.

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But when I compile I have an error. Seems like, I missed something like the print something ... please Help me.

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I'm really crap when it comes to explaining things so I'll try my best with this post. I'm also very slow to learn something new, I have no knowlegde whatsoever when it comes to all the PHP stuff, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, if this isn't the right place for all these questions I apologise now. :)

I would like to have three separate images on my journal.

1. Header image
2. Replace the nav bar with an image map.
3. An image on the side of my journal to replace the components

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Thank You

A bit of an unusual post, but just to say thank you. I followed our leader's instructions for using random images as a component, and it worked for me. I have not made any mistakes in the code, inserting my url's or anything.

This is all because of the support I have had at this wonderful site. I have the confidence to play with my theme layer now. Though I do still make a theme layer to play with before putting anything into my main one.

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