December 30th, 2005

how do you do this to the date?

Ok, I have changed the date format thanks to this tutorial, but now this is what I want to do to the date, and I cannot find where in the code to do it:

unbold the date, make it all lowercase, and the same font size as my subtitle thats under my main title, and reduce the size of the cell padding in the table that holds the date.

;( all I ended up doing by myself is getting parse errors.
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Square components on both sides.

Hii. I had a question on my layout i used the code for the square components, though,

right side header 1

right side text 1

right side header 2

right side text 2

components show up, but the left side doesnt, i mean my profile/calendar show up but not the "left side header" "left side text". any idea how to fix this? I went looking through the comments for the entrie that this was posted on, and i couldn't find anything relating to my problem , i did but it didnt make any sense and i dont know if the poster of the post still responds? anyway thanks to anyone that can help.