January 4th, 2006


help pleaseee. :[

Okay I read the beginners post.
I get how to make a layer and im trying to creat it..
I dont get where to post the overrides to change the colors of the links, and everything like that.
can someone point something out for me?
I cant figure it out at all.
kyo; everything

Component width and metadata box

Okay, two questions:

1) Is there a way that I can change the width of the components to pixels without messing up my entries?
2) I've messed around for a few hours, but I can't seem to get a metadata box around my currents with the mood icon to the left. It just has an incomplete table that looks weird.

If anyone can help, I'd be very thankful.

Layer ID: 5791450.
This is for this style here.