January 8th, 2006

Guitar Christian

Thank You

Hi just on to say that with everyones help, I pretty much have my layout how I want it now! If anyone wants to have a look round you are welcome. Please remember if you do that I am a Spangel fan from the BtVS AtS Weldonverse, but you are welcome to have a wander round my layout and tags!

I am sorry in the credits I could not get the lj links to work, but I do have the links in my user info.

Having said that, I may still put in a couple more components. Maybe with a couple of pictures. Should never say I am finished I am sure I will find more fiddling about to do :-)
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Alrighty, three questions, if that's okay...

First question:
I followed the Additional Component tutorial, but my additional components aren't actually appearing =(

This is my layer:

If anyone can give me any idea why it's not working, some bit I've missed out, it'd be great.

Second question:
is there any way to get my tags into a component on the side like there is in the flexisquares style? Multi-level, if possible.

Third question:
is there any way to get a marquee that scrolls from top to bottom inside a component?
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