January 10th, 2006

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calendar component

OK, I know what project I want to work on now. First, I need to know if it's possible at all (or if it's already available, for that matter), and then second I need pointers to the code that I'll need to modify.

What I'd like to do is this: create a calendar component like the standard one, but that shadows/marks only the dates corresponding to the entries actually being shown. Right now, if my calendar component displays, it is a generic one for all my entries regardless of which specific entries I've chosen. So for example if I choose to display those entries with a particular tag, I'd like the calendar to reflect that.

I think that should be doable, but what I need is the code for creating the calendar component, and knowledge of what the currently selected entries are. I don't know how completely doable this is, since I don't know how easy/difficult it would be for it to calculate next/prev entries unless the underlying scheme gives you all the possible entries with markers for the start/end of the current display (eg the current twenty or whatever you have it set to).

Did this make sense? I'm not asking for the resulting code :D I want to hack it up myself if I can...
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picture gallery?

It seems to me that it could be very helpful for component_help to include a gallery of images showing what the different modifications can look like. Sometimes I really have no good idea of the effect some modification makes (and I note many people include drawings in describing their problem or what they'd like done). Most of the time that's because the person who originally posted the modification no longer uses it in their page, or created it for someone else and that requires digging through the thread to find out who, and sometimes THAT person no longer uses it, etc.

Could also be useful for the notes on modifying layers etc. I know that creating the styles versus layers is very confusing because there's one point where you create a style and it gives you an error that the style doesn't exist when you create it, but if you go back and refresh all is well. That kind of thing could be helped with screenshots too.

So I wondered if it would be useful for the tutorials here to link to screenshots stored in the component help gallery?

Since I'm suggesting something that would take some work, I hereby volunteer to do this, as much as I can within the purview of permissions, etc that exist here. I can collect screen shots, make a list of which would go to where, or actually do the edits to add to component help's gallery and add links within the tutorials, whatever.

But I think it could be really helpful!

Just a thought. Feel free to shoot it down or whatever...
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