January 12th, 2006

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Problems with Customizing Title Bar

I found the Customizing Title Bar tutorial today and tried to use it to add a header next to my navigation/profile boxes in my Component layout.

When I entered the codes, entered my image URl, and deleted the "#" sign like the tutorial said, however, the image didn't show up.

I'm also using pamelajoy's layout codes as well as the Square Components. I noticed when all the codes were compiled, the Square Components codes and the Title Bar codes mixed together, even though I tried entering the Title Bar codes before and after the Square Components codes.

Any ideas why I can't get my image to show up? Could some of my other codes possibly be overriding it?
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Tags in Drop down issue.

I been using this code Because I couldn't get the Multi to work, Which I would have preferred But Also would like either to Blend with the layout, All my free Components consist of this code.

How can I add the tag code of what one, Both or either with in the code I have for my Freebies without it Screwing up My layout.

BTW; Showing this layout's theme is NOT a option, sorry
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