January 20th, 2006

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Special Entries with Tags & Tag Placement

Ok, I am very interested in using this helpful little override to make special kinds of entries based on metadata that the user inputs. The way aelana wrote it, it uses the mood as the condition which directs the function to print the special entries. I want to know how I can do this using either tags OR a special subject preceder to denote the entry I want to reformat. I'm not a programmer by any means (I know the above terminology was probably crap, so excuse that), so while I tried messing around with aelana's code, I cannot achieve what I want. I tried looking at other tutorials that deal with formatting tags, but I don't really understand how to use variables, I guess.

On the same sort of subject, if I want to move the tags so that they are in a different spot from where the other metadata is, how can I got about doing that? That is, if it can be done? Like, if I want the tags to be at the bottom of the entry & the music/mood at the top, how would I do that?

Edit: I figured out how to place the tags in a different area on my own.
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Customizing The Reply Page

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This basically goes along with Customizing The Entries (v4.0), It lets you place the icon in various places within the entry on the Reply Page. You can change it to inside or outside and left or right. These variables are independent of the variables in CTE4, so you will have to set the side and position in both places in your code.

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