January 30th, 2006

  • soturi

current userpics component

Hi people!
I have just joined this community because it is the first time now that I have a certain question.. I'd like to have a component showing my current userpics and I just managed to add a free text component using this tutorial.
Now I am wondering if there is some way to automatically update the pics when I upload or delete one of them or if I have to update it by myself everytime.
Thanks for any help in advance. =)
Snow Bunny
  • celosia

Removing the Calendar Component

I am having problems trying to remove my sidebar calendar component. I would like to have this remove from my friend's page and my entries page. However, I still want to keep the calendar link in the navigation bar.
I remember seeing this code posted a while back. Can anyone help me with this?
Thank You!
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