February 8th, 2006

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css issues

you will not post and say "my layout is fucked! please help!"
you will not post your layer code in your entry.
you will not bitch and complain because you don't know what you're doing.

you will read the documentation.
you will make your layer viewable and post the layerid.
you will specify which parts are hosed, why they're hosed, and what their unhosed states look like.

you will not comment and say "yeah! my layout's fucked too!"
you will not comment and say "yeah. it's cuz of the new css stuffs."

so. how's that?

i'm annoyed too. but my layouts are happy due to not hacking 'em up much.
however, there are some new toys that i'd like to play with, but i'm not doing squat until they iron out all the bugs that were made because they didn't have people test the existing layouts to see if they were happy.
they just had the people come up with hacks to see if anything got through.
they didn't check to make sure that their stock s1 code still passed.
or that their stock s2 code still passed.
or that other layouts dependent upon @import rules still worked. they died because they disallowed the @import rule.

also. if something is fucked with your css, check around where Page::print_custom_head() is shoved into your html source code (the stuff that happens when you load a journal page and do the view -> source thing. not your layer source). also get the link to your stylesheet and read that. it might also have that suspect css garbage.

to go with the above list: you will post the exact error that the css script gives you.

oh yeah. fuck lj-cuts because i rule around here. yeah, i'm on my high horse, but i hate this shit just as much as the rest of you.
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CSS changes causing layout problems - FIXED!

NOTE: Thanks to kunzite1, this problem has been fixed!

The recent CSS changes at LJ have wreaked havoc on my layout. I am virtually clueless when it comes to S2 coding and CSS in general, and yet my layout had been working for two years prior to today's changes. I had a setup done with rotating header banners, and now the banners are showing up as background in the cracks of my layout instead of centred above the "user info", "friends", etc. bar on top of the page. If anyone could help me troubleshoot or teach me another way to get my rotating banners onto my layout without having to do major coding, I would love you forever.

Layer ID - 3049055

How It Should Look - 15 rotating banners centered on top of the navbar (on which "user info", etc. are also centred), on a component layout done in various shades of pink with scrolling boxes underneath my links on the right hand side of the screen ("Hearing", "Watching", "Reading", and "Current Random Obsessions")

How It's Currently Screwed Up - My banners are showing up as rotating backgrounds (peeking through the cracks in the main body of the layout) instead of staying centred on top of the page.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has suggestions that might help.
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.·* css code problems.

I've been at work all day so i'm just now seeing that due to some CSS changes a lot of people's components are messing up. I seen kunzite1 post all the DONT's so im hoping i'm not doing this wrong

my layer number is 5065667 any help would be greatly appreciated.

I havent changed the style of my journal so you can see the damage =)

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[SOLVED!] yet another css problem. :(


My css isn't working anymore, because of the new changes, and I'm totally confused what to do to fix it... It worked perfectly before. I read all of the documentation and looked at some of the other posts with the same problem, but that didn't really help. :(

[theme] oh emm gee [#3898736] <--- is my layer number and name.

(I'm not sure if this matters, but my css is in an off site .css file.

I'm pretty sure my css is correct. I thought I validated it before, but maybe I messed up on something? I'm a design student, so it's not like I'm totally clueless about css, but right now I'm just stumped. :(

If anyone has the time to see what I could do to fix this or at least point me in the right direction, that would be great. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. If you need any more info, please let me know. ♥

I miss my pretty lj. :(
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