February 9th, 2006

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user/theme layers

ah ha!: basically, if you've manually edited your user layer with properties that are not found on the component layerbrowse page or in the server-supplied theme layers (note the <ul>/sub-list of themes below "Component (layout: 24857)"), you're setting yourself up with potential for disaster if you use the wizard in the future.

thanks murklinstest. :)
  • they've placed only set commands into their user layer
  • they've placed only set commands that are declared as used in the layout layer into their user layer
  • they've placed only set commands that are defined in the layout layer into their user layer
  • they've placed set commands that are not declared as used in the layout layer, but are defined in the core layer, into their theme layer
  • they've placed set commands that are defined as noui = 1; in the layout layer into their theme layer
  • they've placed set commands that are defined as noui = 1; in the core layer into their theme layer
  • they've placed function overrides into their theme layer
  • use of the wizard is fine
  • use of the wizard is bad
it's bloody complicated, but that's the way that they made it.

and i've never really been able to explain it well-enough. my brain knows how it works, but it doesn't know how to communicate it well.
there are other methods that people use to get around this. if you feel like sharing, please do in comments. i think with the mind of a programmer, and it's pretty damn complicated. if you've got a method that works better with people who aren't me, and are able/willing to share, that'd be awesome. thanks. :)
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SOLVED! removing the stripey background image


I used the Graphics Above Entries and the How to Customize Titlebar tutorials to add a header image.

Everything works fine, but I'd like to get rid of the stripey image that's in my background and just have the light green color that I use for my background in my entries and components to show up. Can anyone point me to where I can do that? I'm sure it's something relatively easy, but my medicine has made me drowsy and I'm rereading things way too many times!

my layer: 309695

take it or leave it

my font size is miniscule

Ah I woke up this morning and noticed my font which used to be Georgia is like really small and not so Georgia anymore, in fact it looks like Times New Roman size 5 and I tried making it medium in the size part but it doesn't work then it is unreadable. Is there some way you can help me? I am sorry if this sounds confusing but if you look at my layout you will see what I mean. All my components are messed up cause the writing is really small and I can not even read my own entries the font is so small!
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Layer help

Hey. For some reason I can't figure out, my banner has jumped from being centred over my journal to the side of it. I've read the previous posts about the new changes and still haven't worked out what's wrong with it. Help would most greatly appreciated.

Layer number [5619852].


font issues

My journal's font has magically changed itself to Times New Roman from Tahoma, without me tweaking anything. On a friend's suggestion, I went to the customization wizard and see if inputting Tahoma for the font would change anything. Except it already says Tahoma. So in the S2 editor and in the wizard, it says Tahoma.

LJ said something about global head overload and stuff. But I was wondering if anyone has found a way to get my font back to Tahoma? =/


For some reason, entries aren't moved down the page so my banner can be seen. I noticed many people were having this problem, so I read/tried all that I could find, but it doesn't change anything on my layout. I don't get an error either, though. Everything is normal except that my banner is covered up. Also, I know nothing about coding.

The layer ID is 4692917 and I have made it viewable.

Thanks in advance for your help!

More CSS issues

I'm having font issues too... some of my components have my papyrus font working on alternate ones, and the others do not. Also the body of my flist sometimes is in papyrus, and others are not... I've checked the CSS and I can't see what I've botched... it was working fine until the CSS stuff became stricter...
The theme layer id is 5231115 (purple font change) - it should be visible... and I can't get my custom security icons to work either...
Thanks in advance...
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