February 18th, 2006

Why Bird tea and tech
  • quinara

Variables Syntax

SOLVED - Thanks to camomiletea!

I'm missing something really stupid, and I was wondering whether anyone could see what it was.

I'm currently in the process of trying to create a skins component that is coloured so that it gives a sort of preview of the other skin (ie. have the background colour, font colour etc. of my lighter skin instead of the usual for the component). And so I thought the easiest way of doing it would be to create a variable that determined what the current colours were and then changed them accordingly. Then I could just plonk the variables in where I wanted them and wouldn't have to worry about messing around with the free text content too much.

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Presumably I'm missing some brackets or something somewhere, but I can't work out what it is. If anyone could help me out I'd be really grateful.

(Sorry in advance to kunzite1 if it's something so simple that it makes you cry. ;) )