February 26th, 2006

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My friends only entry is dated in 2015 in order to keep it on top. As a result of this, the component calendar automatically displays the month of December in 2015. Is there any way to get it to show the current month and year?
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Has LJ gone crazy and erased the mighty K1 from existence?

I need a proper explanation for this please...was he abducted by aliens or something? :/
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stupid question

I've been away from lj for a while and am obviously new to using tags, and i was wondering what code(s) do i need so that i could have the tags for that entry show up anywhere on the entry itself.  

Similar to how its set up here as: 
Current Tags: entry layer properties, ljuser k1.

I've been looking around and using the search engine and i just get everything but what I'm looking for. But any help will do. Thanks in advance.