March 4th, 2006

[QaF] - Quote - Broken
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Lowering the main body (components)

Okay, so I'm really sorry if this has been asked and explained before. I did look, but I can't find the same thing I'm lookng for. It's not the layers, currently that is making it mess up its simply the fact that I don't know the code to lower the main body (as in the components for the entries and side bar) so that the background (which I want to use as a header) is visible. I have the code/html for the background to BECOME a header once the body (margin, maybe?) is lowered.

Again, I'm sorry if this has been asked and explained. The "shrinking and centering" IS NOT the code I'm looking for, though.

Oh, and you might have to act like you talking to an idiot when telling me. I can be really dumb about html/codes sometimes, especially livejournal. And if you don't understand my question exactly trying looking at rarity to see what I mean.

Thank you. Any and all help is greatly appricated.