March 8th, 2006

coke, silly

new pimping banner

c_h: the comm where you can comment spam, flirt shamelessly, have hug parties and occasionally get help about your layout.

idea created by uniquewonders.
i'm turning it into a contest.

you make your own version of a banner that has that idea.
what do you win? uhh... hmm.

you get to have your banner on the info page. and it will go into my lj scrapbook. that good enough? ;)
torqamy holding hands

Navigation bar?

What can I do to make the navigation links under my banners (entries, friends, calendar, user info, etc.) centered? My theme layer is viewable and is #6181471. Also, if I wanted to change the title of my journal, would I have to work that into my theme layer somewhere, or is that done elsewhere?