March 14th, 2006


RE: [theme] - [component] - [random image component]

Hi all, I am new to customizing LJ and but lurking on component_help as well as s2layers I've quickly fallen in love with tutorials and subject headings that make sense. I don't have any code to share but do have some serious questions...

I've successfully implemented the [theme] - [component] - [random image component] but have disabled this component until I've cleared up a few concerns. I wanted to use this random image component on cityovillains and open it up to members so that they could submit a screenshot; sort of like a "featured member."

My concerns:
Since the community has a fairly high membership, I expect to see screenshot submissions reach the triple digits.
1) Do you think this will affect load-time?
2) Using the above, I will need to enter each URL by hand. Is there a better way to do this?
3) Ninjas or Pirates?

My TEST layer:
It's uglier than Bush and Kerry's lovechild, but it's viewable.

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