March 23rd, 2006

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Just a few quick questions that are hopefully easily resolved. I have looked around but can't find anything. I'm sorry if I'm horrible at explaining things =oX

Firstly, I'm wanting a header above my navigation links, like the rest of my components, but I have NO idea how to put one in at all. Collapse ) EDIT - THIS PART HAS BEEN SOLVED.

I also would love to know how to change the size of my tag drop down box, and the button and I also want a space between them.

And the last thing, I was wondering how to get those two lines on either side of my icon, in the profile component. EDIT - THIS PART HAVE BEEN SOLVED.

Any help would be appreciated =o) Thanks in advance.

new icon idea!

uniquewonders: you should provide a handy link in the sidebar. helpers' tools? or something.
kunzite1: a link that will take you to that component? i don't get it.
uniquewonders: no! a link to this entry.
kunzite1: oh!
kunzite1: duh.
uniquewonders: k is having a duh moment. let's be silent for a minute and pray.
kunzite1: hahaha!
uniquewonders: icon!
kunzite1: oh no!
uniquewonders: oh yes!

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Need A Little Help

Edit: I'm coming back later when I have time to do things myself. Thanks to everyone who commented. <3 ^^

I'm sorry if this isn't allowed, but I didn't see anything in the rules about posting about this, so. =/ And I really have looked all over for a place like this, so it isn't as if I haven't done any work on my own. >_<

But, is there a community or website where you can get custom or premade component layouts?

Thanks so much in advance.
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