March 25th, 2006

(hopefully) quick question

i've been meaning to ask this for awhile, but i thought i could figure it out myself. i couldn't, so i hope someone here can help!
back when livejournal had that bug or whatever that mmessed up the component fonts, i managed to fix the font for my entries. however, the font for my side components is still the wrong font - i'd like it to match the entries.

here's my layerid: 4633486
it should be visible.
thanks if you can help me out!

edit; here's the other id number: #7341779
30 rock - lemon stress eating


I just wanted to drop you guys here a quick thanks for taking the time to help idiots like me! Every time I've ever had a question someone has helped me out in record speed time, and I'm sure you have much better things to do then answer mundane questions every 10 minutes.

Thanks for being awesome!

horizontal scrollbars on friends page

this has kind of been something thats been bugging me. i used a modified scrollbar in entry code, and well it works wonders on my recent entries, but i cant figure out why only the vertical scrollbar works on my friend page, but the horizontal scrollbar does not. ive been searching this comm for a few hours, and i cant find the answer. sorry if im being a total twit here, but could someone help me, or point me in the direction of code that actually works.

my layerid is 5591519, if that helps.

eta: i think i fixed the problem. there was a bit of code that i stupidly forgot to add. thank you so much uniquewonders, you really helped me out big time! thanks for your patience. :)

Fixed Width Journal Problem!

Hello All,

I've been browsing for ages through all of the tutorials, etc, but can't seem to find anything to fix my problem. I've decided to create a centered component journal and to set the width of the page at 760px. However, whenever I view comments that have been posted, or try to add a comment (and probably on lots of other pages as well), the page stretches over 760px. It makes the page look quite bad as it has a fixed header and borders, etc.

What I need to know is how I can actually fix the width at 760px regardless of content (e.g. force the content to wrap), OR how to remove the right hand side components on every page bar the front page (i.e. like I have on my friends page)

You can read my custom theme code here -

Thank you in advance (and many thanks to everyone who has posted tutorials that I've used - far too many names to mention here ;-)