March 29th, 2006

Log in Boxes

Okay, something happened with the layouts??? Log in boxes are no longer working, what am I missing? I searched for log in box, but nothing came up. Anyclue what I have to do to make it show up again???
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Printing entries modified due to voice posts

You may have noticed some errors when you view your friends pages and someone has a voice post. This is due to a change in the way entry text is printed.

Everyone (that means you!) should read this: s2howto - printing trusted content.

Basically $e.text has been replaced by $e->print_text();, which requires some code modifications especially if you customize how entries are printed (say for smilies, etc.).

Forms are not working. If LJ has decided that they represent a "threat" then the LJ cleaner routine (which strips out javascript and tags like iform) is now also stripping out the form tag. Anyone know more?

Also, kunzite1 appears to have deleted his journal?
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login boxes/search forms/forms in general

they're all hosed.
a recent code push of the html cleaner is stripping all type attributes from <input> elements.

this will be resolved "as soon as possible."

do not remove the code from your layers. either comment it out, wrap a if(0) block around it, or ignore it.

edit: seems to be fixed.