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LJ is constantly implementing new and cool things. I've noticed that we can't utilize the New Nav Bar with customized LJs; I'm assuming our header overrides are breaking this one.
Now with a choice between square or rounded navbar corners!
Also with a choice of which side to put the contents on!
And now with that silly Navigation Strip!
And if you want to simply add a header, set the width to 100%.
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i've attempted to update s&c and [square] comps on both sides to support the navigation strip.
please make sure that i didn't mess something up.
I am using [square] components on both sides. As well as Changing Navigation Bar to a Rounded Component.

Can someone tell me if there is a way to put my comments links (under the entries) into a rounded box? IE: in Component_Help # helped :: help out? would be in a rounded box.

Also a rounded box for the memories/edit/tag icons and one for the permanent link?

And I am certain I am just overlooking this, but how do I change the currents font color and the userpic width on the Recent page? Right now, the Currents font color = comp_fgcolor. Is there a way to change this? The problem is that my currents background color = my entry bg_color and that is the same as my comp_fgcolor... therefore, my currents text does not show up.

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