April 28th, 2006


Subject Above Date

I was wondering how to put the subject of the entries above where the date is. I noticed in the "Different Kind of Entries" tutorial, it says something about having the title in the top area instead of the date/time, and that is sort of what I want except I would still like to have the date there. I hope that made sense. I already checked in the memories and the tutorials section, and I searched the entries and used the tags, and I couldn't find anything about that. My layer is here.

Solved; thank you!
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Side Bar Question

Hi! I went throgh the memories and I couldn't seem to find what I was looking for. Is there any way to remove the side bar all together and put the navigation back on top of the entries? I want a simple component style but whenever I remove the sidebar I get the default option.

Please and thankyou! :D
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