May 6th, 2006

Frill Daisy

Navigation bar?

For some reason, the navigation bar is not showing up on my layout. It there code that must be entered for it to show since I'm using a theme layer? Layer ID is 4477030. I think this is a neat tool and would like to have it on my LJ page. I'm getting the space on top where it should be but it's just not appearing.

Thank you!
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Justify entry text

Okay, I searched the community and this has been asked before, but I couldn't implement it into my layout the way that someone answered it before. So, have mercy on my redundancy. :D

Anyway, all I want to do is have the entry text in my layout align as justified and not to the left. The code that was given last time this was asked was for print_custom_head or a stylesheet, and I don't think I'm using either of them, although I did attempt to just add print_custom_head for that code (didn't do anything... no errors but no results either).

Theme Layer: Solved. Check comments.

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Component Callendar

Sorry for my English!

I'm Just 2 dayse become paid mamber and try to ajust my LiveJournal to my website design.
Most of problem I'm already solved, but I cannot solve one.... CALLENDAR.

Plese, help me in this 3 problems:

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Tnank You in advance