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I'm *very* new at this whole component thing and I have a bit of trouble understanding the codes and all.

Anyway, I'd like to put my header like this, how do I do that?

Thanks a lot!
Now I've got the LJ nearly of my dreams ;o)

1. I seem to have two #'s (##) above each entry box and I don't know where they came from?

It's bugging me.

Can anyone check it out for me?

2. how do I format the "comment? 1 comments" text at the bottom of each entry ?

and 3. is there a way of doing tables within a print comp (free text) box?

thanks for all your help ;o) xxx
I implemented the comment button to links code, and it works fine, only some of my pages are still messed up.

my layer is viewable, and it's ID is #5780974.

Here is an example of how the pages look:Collapse )

here a link to one of the pages in my style that shows the messed up page:


Thankyou for any help.
Title your entry, please. Thanks!
I looked through the memories and recent posts and I couldn't find this so I was wondering, how can I move the ads on my journal to the right side?