May 30th, 2006


Simple Header Code


I've searched this journal for how to add a header to my lj and I posted in various codes from the search results but they are not working for me. Could someone please give me the entire code for just adding a header? Originally I wanted to resize my lj and add a header but I'm having such a diffilcult time I'd be grateful just for a header lol.

Thanks in advance.
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Browser Problem

On Mozilla Firefox my layout looks perfect! the sidebar is the perfect size.. but on internet explorer.. its a bit large.. which makes everything off with the header. so i was wondering.. how can i make the sidebar the same size as the one in firefox to show in all other browsers?

and also .. ive seen it happen.. how can i make the icon for the friends only(the lock) smaller? or change it to another image? and is there a way i can put an image for public entries? like a little unlocked lock.. or any other image.. ive tried to use the code that you have here.. but it didnt work :S..

i would also like to know how to change the image of the little lj icon man and the community icon to some other type of image..

thank you so much


The Codes can be found here: